Here are the benefits of regular strategic planning:

#1 Promotes Strategic Thought and Action (Proactive, Not Reactive)

  • More systematic information gathering about internal/external environments
  • Increases attention to organizational learning
  • Clarifies future direction
  • Establishes priorities for action decisions

#2 Improves Decision-Making

  • Focuses attention on what’s important
  • Helps make today’s decisions with tomorrow in mind
  • Coordinates decisions across levels and functions

# 3 Enhances Flexibility and Adaptability

  •  To respond wisely to internal and external demands
  • To deal effectively with rapidly changing environments

#4 Improves Performance

  • Board, management and staff can better fulfill roles, meet responsibilities
  • Teamwork and expertise will be strengthened
  • Empowerment will abound!

Strategic planning can do all those things, but there is no guarantee that it will.

  • Success will depend on how we tailor the process to your needs.
  • The process works only if key decision-makers support it and use it with common sense.
  • Participants will get out of strategic planning exactly what they put into it, like most things in life.
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