What kind of businesses do you specialize in?

I have specific experience in health care, human services and public education, as well as professional services and business-to-business companies. The skill set for coaching and organizational development (OD) can be brought to bear in any business setting. While familiarity with the world the client operates in is often helpful, sometimes the less a coach knows about the particular business the better. Objectivity ensures a fresh set of eyes and ears on the issues at hand with no pre-conceived notions of “how it’s done in this business.”

Are you a “life coach” ?

Life is way too big a topic for me. All my coaching, whether for individuals or teams, is done in and about the workplace. Which is not to say that life issues don’t often come up. They do.

Is certification required to be a workplace coach?

Certification is not required to hang out a shingle, but there’s much to be said for being certified, so I am. A background in organizational psychology, as well as specific training in coaching methodology have been invaluable. That said, I have never been hired solely due to certifications or education. Coaches are chosen based on two things first: trust and chemistry. Next: experience and results.

Who have you worked for and with what results?

I invite you to view a partial list of people and organizations I’ve worked with recently and what they have to say about results.

What is most satisfying in your coaching work?

The most rewarding moments are when a client reflects on happenings in a day or week and realizes his behavior has changed. He will notice, usually after the fact, that he responded differently to a very tough situation that previously would have thrown him for a loop. And, did so creatively. There’s that “aha” moment when clients know they have moved from conscious (deliberate) competency to unconscious (effortless) competency. That never gets old for me.

How long will it take and what will it cost?

I get this question often within the first half hour of talking to a new client. Fair question. Like the plumber on his way to your house to fix your gushing pipes, until I can assess what is needed and recommend a course of action, I’d be guessing at cost and time required. Unlike the plumber, however, I work within my clients’ time frames and budgets. And I am pretty sure plumbers charge more per hour than I do.