I offer a variety of organizational learning programs. All workshops are customized for your organization’s unique needs. Nothing “off the shelf”  here.  Here are the titles of the “most wanted”, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, just contact me.

  • Getting the Team you Deserve ~ High performance teams don’t happen magically or by wishing for them. Create the environment that enables your direct reports to truly engage with each other, the work, and you.
  • DISC workshops for teams ~ using this powerful behavior profile tool to understand the impact of behavior and style and how to improve communications among workplace groups.
  • Bravo Presentations ~ Whether presenting to staff, board members, business partners or customers, your presentations need to be consistently high impact to get results. From organizing info to designing the most effective tools to memorable delivery. Everything you need to get a “bravo!” every time.
  • More Strategic, Less Tactical ~Managers often end up in their seats because they are the most technically competent at their jobs. Turns out what is takes to be great at doing the work has very little to do with what it takes to be great at leading the work. Effective delegation is a key feature of this workshop that helps managers get out of the weeds so they can think and act more strategically.
  • Death by Meeting* ~ Do you ever feel that you could get your realwork done if you didn’t have to spend so much time in dead-end or endless meetings? Ineffective meetings are the symptom of a number of causes from dysfunctional behavior to poor facilitation to a muddy decision-making process to failure to tee it up appropriately. One workshop will not cure all that ails, but it will raise awareness about what needs to be sorted out so that “just shoot me now” feeling becomes a thing of the past.* title used with permission from Patrick Lencioni, author of the book by the same name.
  • We Need to Talk ~ Forget difficult conversations… how about really dreaded ones? Things that need to be said are keeping you up at night, sending you into avoidance or, worse, bull in china shop mode. Results: deadly inertia or complete disaster.  Being prepared for these talks is half the battle. Knowing how to manage yourself during them is sweet victory.
  • The Dance of Giving & Receiving Feedback ~ Think about how much more effective it would be if we did this more skillfully more consistently. Understanding the dynamics of this “dance” has huge impact on how conversations go and how workplaces improve the quality of feedback delivered and heard.
  • Listen Up ~ Listening well is arguably the most important communication skill, yet probably gets the least amount of attention. It is a must-have attribute for effective leaders and managers.
  • Can’t fire ‘em. Can’t ignore ‘em. ~ Dealing with people who bring real value to the workplace but whose personalities and behaviors are a pain in the patootie. Sometimes changing how you respond can actually help “modify” unwanted behavior.
  • Triple Impact Coaching for Managers ~ Every leader’s priority is to create an environment for direct reports to be successful. Increase capacity at three levels: individual, department, and organization-wide by understanding when and how to use essential coaching skills as part of your management style.  Emotional intelligence and understanding the impact of behavior are explored.
  • For Non Profits: Building better relationships between execs and board chairs; board development, governance topics

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