Organizational Development (OD) focuses on 3 critical areas:

  1. Business results you need (thinking and acting strategically)
  2. The environment necessary for people to be successful (creating a culture aligned with strategy)
  3. Behaviors and skills to handle organizational change, which is at the heart of every business improvement or initiative (adapting to meet the demands of constant change)

Strategic Planning

Not an event. Not a document. A disciplined process that guides everything the organization is, says and does.

Examples of how I can assist your organization’s short and long term planning:

  • Design and facilitation of ongoing planning processes
  • Retreat design and facilitation for boards, managers, staff
  • Internal/ external needs assessment surveys
  • Board governance: structure, meeting process, board training


“Culture eats strategy for lunch.”  Every time.

Here are ways I often help companies create the culture that supports success:

  • Team or organization wide culture assessments to identify core issues
  • Individual and team behavior, style and communications assessments
  • Analysis of group process and recommendations for improved performance
  • Professional/staff meetings: design and structure
  • Problem solving and decision making process improvements
  • Role clarity and organizational structure improvements
  • Conflict resolution models that work

Change and Transition

Managing it effectively means understanding these are not synonyms.

Assistance with managing change can include:

  • Design major change and transition initiatives
  • Internal feedback gathering
  • Process design and guidance for merging cultures
  • Education programs for managers